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How much can you save on energy costs?
Goby's first step in any sustainability program is performing an ENERGY STAR benchmark in order to determine the most appropriate next steps.
First and foremost, an ENERGY STAR benchmark allows us to optimize operations and reduce operating expenses.
In addition, many states or cities are enacting ordinances and mandates which require ENERGY STAR reporting – by planning ahead now, you can be prepared for pending legislation and mandatory reporting. Finally, many major corporations and the GSA require offices located in ENERGY STAR rated buildings.
Goby ranks in the top 5% of ENERGY STAR providers nation-wide. We have benchmarked and certified more than 100M ft² of ENERGY STAR space. Our action plans have resulted in millions of dollars in operational savings. This includes commercial real estate, hotels, retail, industrial, and corporate users. Check out the links below to discover a sample of what Goby has done across the country.
Goby believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environmental benefits from reduced levels of related pollution.  We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.

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